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Next submission deadline: Spring 2017: February 15th

Any paper accepted for publication should meet a number of basic requirements:

  • Adorans welcomes unsolicited submissions.
  • The author must be an undergraduate students at an accredited university. We only accept one submission per author per issue, and will not read more than one at a time even if more than one is received from an author.
  • All essays should be 2-8 pages double spaced in length, though longer submissions may be considered. Essays should be written using Microsoft Word and formatted according to the Chicago Manual of Style.
  • Though our content is diverse, as are the kinds of papers we publish, each should either be thesis driven, or should offer an insightful look into a topic that goes beyond summation of another work. Thus, if a paper is expository, it should still be engaging with a question that drives the paper in some capacity.
  • Essay must include citations. The author may be engaging directly with one work, or they may be looking at a topic that puts them in conversation with a number of other works simultaneously, but opinion pieces will not be accepted.
  • The author’s prose should be eloquent but also straightforward. If the paper has prolific stylistic problems that would need to be rectified prior to publication, it cannot be accepted–the editing process is designed to take something already gold and make it shine. Thus our standard of quality demands that the paper already has stylistic excellence such that if it needed to be published the day it was accepted (with a copy editor’s quick look) it theoretically could be.
  • Papers cannot be accepted if the editors think a substantial rewrite is required. If we would have to ask the author to revise their thesis (revise, not simply reword or refine), it will not be accepted. However, Adorans also seeks to give authors a chance to experience a peer-review process. Thus, editors will engage with the thesis, comment where they disagree or are unconvinced by the argument, and push authors to strengthen their position.

Submissions can be sent anytime, and will be held until the beginning of each issue’s selection process. An editor will respond to submissions within two weeks of each submission deadline.


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